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Written by Patrick Baggatta
Illustrated by Emily Mullock


School of Rock meets Fancy Nancy in this exuberant story about rock n' roll dreams colliding with the reality of elementary school.

Elsie’s music class has played Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star too many times, and she wants to try something new. When her music teacher suggests she “rock on her own time,” Elsie devises a plan. It’s recess, and the playground will make a great venue. Soon she and her best friends are setting up a stage. In true rock-star fashion, their band enlists classmates to help with hair and makeup, special effects, and security. They even host a press conference and an autograph session! Elsie has thought of everything to throw the most epic of recess rock concerts . . . or has she?

Kind Words from the Pros

“Reminiscent of Laura Numeroff’s works, this title takes a lively look at what’s possible during recess when friends let their imaginations run wild.” — School Library Journal

"Rock Star Recess truly brings out the inner rock star in all of us in this exciting new children’s book. This beautifully written and illustrated story will have you inspired to follow your dreams as anything is possible. Even during recess! 😉

There is a popular saying, “Love at first sight.” That is exactly what happened when we received this book. We fell in love with it before reading it. Then after reading it, we fell much more in love." — Momma Braga

"For audiences young and old, it’s really enjoyable to watch the kids get more and more wrapped up in a sanitized version of the rock star lifestyle that they forgot to actually, you know, write and practice any songs. It’s a subtle lesson in starting with the fundamentals of a thing, and it’s the kid’s “boring” classical music knowledge that ends up saving the day. There are some cute jokes aimed at adult readers, too, such as the little rock stars having ultra-specific food demands. The illustrations are incredibly colorful and packed with detail, and both the main and background characters represent a nice diversity of skintones and hair types. The length is fine for a storytime, and JJ enjoyed it. Overall, a fine and fun read for little rockers, and we recommend it. Baby Bookworm approved!" — The Baby Bookworm

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