Originals On The Go

Original IP from Friends on the Moon in development and on the air.

The Royal Stand-Ins

In development with Boat Rocker Media.

The Fresh Graves

In development with WonderStorm.

Go Away, Unicorn!

Airing on Disney Channel and YTV.

New Originals

New Original IP from Friends on the Moon looking for a good home.

Fully Story Bibles Available on Request

Mostly Helpful Elves

Three over-eager helper elves leave a trail of destruction as they try to improve lives in a shabby town.

DragonFlyers of Minnowmist

Four young fairies and their faithful dragonflies form a bond to guard a world of natural wonders.

Almost Epic

A reluctant young witch and her fellow protectors-in-training attempt to avert doomsday in a defenseless kingdom.


Some kids' properties are just born to be in motion. From contemporary 2D and 3D to stop motion, we've done a bit of everything. 

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