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How Can We Help?

Simply put, we love developing original characters, worlds, and stories for kids, and we have a proven track record getting ideas into development and production! From one-pagers to full bibles, from concepts to stories, we can help you get the most out of your favorite ideas. Think of us when you need:

  • Broadcast Pitches

  • Series Bibles

  • Series Development

  • Visual Concepts

  • Scripts

  • Creative Re-Imaginings

  • Interactive Companions

  • Consumer Products Concepts

What Our Development Partners Say About Us:

"Patrick & Emily are fantastic development partners. Not only are they true creative visionaries, they also bring a thoughtful and open approach to all their work. Incredibly collaborative and prolific, both are multi-talented and great communicators. Their passion for storytelling shines through in the quality of their projects and pitches. We can't recommend working with them highly enough."

— Aaron Ehasz, Justin Richmond & James Stephenson, Wonderstorm

"Collaborating with Emily and Patrick has been a dream. They’re so incredibly creative and easy to work with. From concept creation to writing and design they’re the total development package!"

— Brandon Lane, Nelvana/Corus Media

"Patrick and Emily are world-class writing, development and design talents. They are the rare team that can deliver the full development package - from original idea to pilot script to a fully realized and designed world and characters. To say I recommend them for development is an understatement."

— Jane McGregor, Independent Producer

"Patrick and Emily have been a tremendous resource for me through the years. Their creativity, both as writers and visual designers has helped propel many of my projects to greenlight. They are experts at developing compelling worlds with engaging characters that are both rich and immersive. Beyond that, they are fun to work with!"

— Chris Takami, Walt Disney Imagineering
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