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Friends on the Moon is a partnership of two passionate creators that stretches from Los Angeles to British Columbia. Emily Mullock and Patrick Baggatta began their journey together at Disney, where they created multiple interactive projects for kids. Since setting out together in early 2019, they’ve optioned four original animation series, sold their first collaborative children’s book, and consulted on toys, books, games, and location-based interactive for a variety of amazing partners.


Their original properties are set in small towns, the epic past, magic forests, and the galaxy beyond it all. But wherever they choose to play, FOTM’s specialty is finding laughs, thrills, and most of all, heart to inspire kids to dream of a better world. 


Though they’ve had a fast start in their partnership, Emily and Patrick did not just arrive on the scene. With over 30-years combined experience as writers, artists, designers, and leaders for major interactive, animation, and publishing companies, they have learned from the best and are eager to keep growing and creating together. 



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