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Emily mullock

Designer / Illustrator

With over a decade illustrating, designing, and art directing for Disney, Bardel, and Wildbrain, Emily is a visionary artist with an endless appetite to create lovable characters and the remarkable worlds where they live. As an author/illustrator, Emily created the book series Go Away Unicorn! that went on to spawn the TV series for Disney Channel. As a Character Design instructor for Okanagan College, Emily shared her experience and passion with the next generation of creators in Kelowna, British Columbia where she lives.



Writer / Game Designer

For over 20 years, Patrick has been finding new ways to combine his passion for characters, storytelling, and interactive design for companies such as Backbone Entertainment, PlayFirst, and Disney. From screenplays to comics to children's books, he has written for nearly every type of entertainment. And before creating his own content, he spent years writing about games, tv, and movies for Future Media, a major media publishing house. Patrick lives in Los Angeles, which he loves on most days.

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